JR Bareis Joins Spoken

Today Spoken announced that guitarist JR Bareis (of Love & Death, formerly of Islander) has officially joined the band.

“We’re so excited to announce that JR is now part of the SPOKEN family. He is now an official member of Spoken,” Matt Baird, who helms the band, shared on social media. “We’re currently busy writing for the new Spoken record, as well as planning out tour plans for 2019. Welcome to the next chapter.”

Earlier this year, Spoken ran a GoFundMe campaign to fund their new music. Spoken’s upcoming album will follow IX, which released in 2017. JR Bareis is still also working on Love & Death’s long-awaited sophomore album alongside Brian “Head” Welch.

For further Spoken news in 2019, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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