Living Scars Announces New Album

Living Scars announced their new album title, Above the Ashes, on May 4.

The album is set to release June 22, 2019, but pre-orders will be available on May 23, 2019. This album will also feature guest vocals by Amongst the Giants vocalist Brian Boyd.

The track list is:
• Recalibrate
• Fall In Line
• Monument
• Wide Awake
• Escape
• Hollow (Feat. Brian Boyd)
• Misery
• Deceived
• (Sic)
• Breakdown
• Into The Dark
• Above The Ashes
• Broken Change (Crooked Remix)

“Above The Ashes is a new and improved version of Living Scars that you’ve never heard before!” The band shared with Rock On Purpose. “Our hearts are full of excitement and joy as we draw closer to releasing our first album in over 4 years! From crushing riffs, to hardcore screams, to powerful cleans and haunting instrumentals, this album hits almost all areas of the music spectrum. Most importantly though, this album was made to glorify our God, giving its listeners the encouragement they need to rise above the ashes and conquer the darkness in their lives.”

Learn more about the album and its upcoming release by finding Living Scars on Facebook and Instagram.

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