RED Launches RED ENTERTAINMENT Alongside New Single ‘The Evening Hate’

RED released highly anticipated single “The Evening Hate” on Friday, June 7, the first track in their new independent chapter. Their own new label served as the launching pad for the single.

“The Evening Hate” has an accompanying short film, continuing RED’s tradition of pairing intense cinematic videos with their music. The song was distributed through The Fuel Music (Thousand Foot Krutch, Lacey Sturm).

The title itself references history, using the name that soldiers on the front lines of World War I gave to relentless enemy bombing. “While we all experience or witness hate throughout life, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, we all have the ability to crawl out and rise above such a tremendous adversary, hell bent on division and destruction. Without hate, the world would never know what true love really is,” bassist Randy Armstrong explains.

The band’s independent label is built from direct fan support, allowing them full creative freedom. The result is a full-octane rock sound on “The Evening Hate” like RED fans have come to love and expect. “Now with total control, fans won’t have to wait for music to come out every two to three years!” guitarist Anthony Armstrong explained. “We can do what we want, when we want and with whomever we want in order to make the best rock music we know how.”

You can find “The Evening Hate” on Spotify and Apple Music. Be a part of RED’s new era by finding them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Source: Hoganson Media Relations

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