Attaboy Joins Radiate Music, Releases New Single

Pop rock band Attaboy is newest addition to Radiate Music, the unique studio/management/label fusion helmed by producer Ian Eskelin (founding member of All Star United). Along with the announcement, the band christened the new era by releasing “Waking Up.”

The Indiana-based band has made a name for themselves playing concerts and camps across the country. “Waking Up” is the first taste of an upcoming full length album. The band enlisted Doug Weier (Anberlin, We Are Leo) for the track.

Guitarist Jeff Edgel describes the song as a kind of call to action. “In a world filled with hatred and barriers attempting to separate us, the song celebrates living a life characterized by unity and love.”

With a new album coming soon, you can keep up with Attaboy by finding them on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter.

Source: Hoganson Media

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