Kevin Max Announces Larry Norman Tribute

Fresh off the 2nd Jesus Freak Cruise, which reunited 1990s Christian rock trio dc Talk for the second time in three years, Kevin Max is launching a campaign to crowdfund a project he says has been on his heart for nearly a decade.

According to a post shared on social media, Max is partnering with Generosity Rocks so that “donations are tax deductible and will go to helping me finish the dream project of my career.”

He shares more about the heart behind this unique project on the campaign page, which can be found here. “Larry Norman is affectionately known as ‘The Godfather of Contemporary Christian Music’,” Max says. “What struck me immediately was how the music sounded like everything else I  was listening to but the lyrics were decidedly bold in their acclamation of faith.  As a kid growing up in the church, struggling to reconcile my love for rock and roll and my belief in God, Larry was one of the few artists I could relate to.”

He explains that when dc Talk covered Larry Norman song “I Wish We’d All Been Ready,” he and Norman became friends. “He would take me to my favorite music store Tower Records and buy me countless albums without letting me pay a dime. He became someone that I not only looked up to musically but personally. Without a doubt, Larry Norman was to me, a humble, intelligent, humorous and dedicated friend.

The Revisiting This Planet project is intended to shine a light on the important role Larry Norman played in shaping Christian rock and paying tribute to and honoring the legacy of Larry Norman’s Only Visiting This Planet.

Fans interested in helping Kevin Max create this project can donate tax-free by visiting the Generosity Rocks campaign page. Various donation levels will result in fun rewards, such as $7,000 to sponsor a song and come to Nashville to be in studio while it is being recorded or $500 for a personally signed copy of the CD.

Kevin Max most recently released The Black Sheep of the Fold, a collection of his solo music over the years, and last year released a classic/alt rock album entitled AWOL. You can learn more about Kevin Max by visiting his website or following him on Facebook and Instagram.

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