Skillet Releases New Singles, Earns Billionaire Award on Pandora

Skillet announced last week that they were awarded the “Billionaire Award” by Pandora, one of the oldest online music streaming service. This is given to artists after they reach one billion listens– Skillet has surpassed two billion. Skillet profusely thanked their fans for this milestone.

Pandora gave them the highest praise. Melissa Riddle, Pandora’s Programming Curator, said “Skillet is without peer in the world of fist-pumping, faith-informed rock, a rare kind of band that shatters stereotypes and marketing plans, while tapping into emotional DNA of people from all walks of life, believers and skeptics alike.”

This week has been abounding with Skillet news, not only with the Pandora Billionaire’s Award, but with the drop of two more tracks off their forthcoming album Victorious. These tracks are called “Anchor” and “Save Me.” They have released lyric videos for both, which you can watch below.

To keep up with Skillet’s current tour dates, information, releases, and photos, follow these links:

Skillet Website
ROP Photo Gallery

Source: M Collective

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