Finding Light Through The Haze: ‘In The Dark’ By Silversyde

When musicians know each other and have been playing together for a long time, something impressive happens that listeners benefit from. That extremely tight sound from musicians who have perfected their craft is one of the consistently enjoyable aspects of In The Dark by Silversyde.

This latest album from Silversyde is also their Rockfest Records debut, and a maturation can be heard both musically and lyrically when contrasted with 2015’s Closer. The album begins with a number of pace-setting hard rockers that capture hearts, minds, and ears for the duration of this too short 10 song journey.

The title track hits hard as we’re immediately reminded of just how smooth yet powerfully Laura Juliano-Rentz delivers her consistently on point vocals. This song sets a theme of keeping our eyes trained on heaven as the ultimate source of hope in dark times.

“I will lift my eyes / I’m broken and dying inside
Hope’s not lost / I’m reaching for you in the dark.”

“The Facade” is another banger demonstrating just how tight this band is. They were in synch on previous projects, like Circus Circus in 2011, but something special is present in the balance and refined sound on this album. The backbone of a rock band is the drummer, and Nate Fairbotham demonstrates excellence in technique on “The Facade” and throughout. The song is about being honest about who we are, afflictions and all, and not putting on a mask.

“Scars” leads featuring Zach Cullins on guitar, ultimately blending into the rhythm of this upbeat song about how we all have scars, how we can fight through our past mistakes. It continues the themes of facing darkness with an eternal sense of hope and confidence. “Sleepwalking” begins with a mysterious dissonance before building into a thunderous roar as the band paints a vision of letting go of pain, hurt, and frustration.

“Can you save me?
I’m broken inside, I’ve died a thousand times
I’m ready to begin
I’m sleepwalking.”

“The Thief” is a wonderful lullaby and duet featuring Nathan Rentz (bass/vocals) that brings the worshipful tone of the project to the fore as a tribute to how their daughter stole their hearts.

“So here we are at the break of a new day
I close my eyes and I know it’ll be okay
Perfection don’t come easily, but perfect’s what you are

Right from the start, you stole my heart.”

One of the best pieces on the record is “March Of The Saints,” which is a song that sounds like it could be performed as we enter heaven’s gates.  It starts slowly then crescendos into a glorious intro before settling into a verse featuring Nathan Rentz laying down a bass backdrop.

“World On Fire” closes the album by throwing down battle lines and providing an anthem to declare victory. The lyrics about starting and spreading a spiritual fire, beginning with our own hearts, reminds me of “Start A Fire,” a punk rocker by Audio Adrenaline released in 2003. Silversyde performs this song with the same intensity and passion.

“The world is on fire
Here we are standing, with a matchbook in our hands
We’re starting a riot
Here we are standing and we will not be moved.”

In The Dark is an album full of catchy melodies that serve as an invitation to sing along in worship, while providing plenty of rock and roll goodness.  Silversyde delivers a performance that is full of passion and provides “wow” moments musically and lyrically that will leave listeners in higher spirits.

Find In The Dark on Spotify and Apple Music.

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