Starset Releases Lead Single “Manifest” From Upcoming Album Divisions

Starset released new track “Manifest” today from their upcoming album Divisions. The album is due out on September 13.

They released the single alongside a music video, which was created by Huffman Creative. You can watch the video below.

The song is the first sonic taste of what’s to come in the third studio release from Starset. “Manifest” dials up the intensity on both the shimmering electronic programming and the searing guitar riffs. Dustin Bates (vocals), Brock Richards (guitar), Ron DeChant (bass), and Adam Gilbert (drums) manage to perfectly marry the organic and the computerized into one coherent sound. The result is a punch-in-the-gut track that promises a strong album to come, continuing to unravel themes of space, galaxies, and how those concepts relate to our humanity.

“Cause you fall in and fall away
This love is in retrograde
Fall in and fall away
I kinda think you like this
Regress: fall in and fall away
There’s something in the hate we make
Fall in and fall away
I can see the darkness manifest.”

Keep up with Starset on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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