Silent Planet Releases B-Side Addressing Abuse

Silent Planet has released a b-side from When the End Began titled “Shark Week.” Like all of Silent Planet’s art, the track doesn’t shy away from heavy themes.

“I wrote it for my closest friend, someone who endured years of abuse as a child, but didn’t allow that to define him, and as a result has made the world a better place for so many people – myself included,” lead singer and lyricist Garrett Russell shared in a vulnerable Instagram post. You can listen to the track below (content note: child abuse).

The song itself rides a disembodied, electronic bed in the intro before exploding into the full frenzy of electric guitars. The vocals careen through the tension of the guitars and the electronics with all the desperation of hope in the face of one of the darkest things any human being can experience. The song builds towards a declaration of autonomy and defiance:

“I’m not the wounds you gave me
I’m the light that flows inside
Enduring as the ocean
Resilient as the tide.”

“Shark Week” is available now on Spotify or Apple Music. You can find Silent Planet on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Silent Planet is just concluding a 51 city tour with August Burns Red and Silverstein; you can see photos in our gallery.

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