Relient K Launches Poll for Fan Favorite Vinyl

Relient K is polling their fans to determine the top 12 favorite tracks of all time. Those songs will be chosen for a special vinyl pressing.

The band is calling the vinyl All Work and No Playlist, a spin on their 1998 demo CD All Work and No Play. There are already preorder packages available, with details to be decided later.

“We’ve been wanting to release a unique vinyl album for a while now. We’ve released 149 songs over the years and thought it would be cool if you guys (the fans) curated the track listing by picking your favorites,” Relient K shared in posting about the release. “Over the next few weeks we’ll open up voting so you can select your favorite tracks. On October 1st, we’ll determine the top tracks everyone has voted for, build a sequence, master it for vinyl and press it with hopes to have it in your hands by the end of the year (fingers-crossed).”

You can cast your vote (or preorder the vinyl) at

Relient K most recently released music in 2015 with Air For Free. More recently, lead singer Matthew Thiessen has been focusing on his side project Matthew Thiessen & The Earthquakes, which released the album Wind Up Bird last year. Matt Hoopes has been focused on his guitar pedal line 1981 Inventions.

To keep up with all things Relient K, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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