Reclaim The Day Release Debut Single ‘Who You Are’

Reclaim The Day has just released their first single “Who You Are,” a track produced by Josiah Prince (Disciple).

Reclaim The Day is the musical project of husband and wife duo Marcus and Rebecca Sugg. Together, they focus on a rock and worship fusion sound. “Who You Are” is built in that identity. Becca shares, “‘Who You Are’ was written as my cry to God as I felt dead inside and I wanted Him to light a fire of passion in me to keep going and to give me direction on where to go because I’m blind without Him.”

The song shares those pleading lyrics through a haunting, searching melody over the backdrop of gritty guitars. The bridge offers a desperate scream over massive riffs, cementing the song’s status as a true rocker.

You can listen to the track below, or find it on Apple Music.

To learn more about Reclaim The Day, find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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