The Classic Crime Begins Recording Sixth Studio Album

As of yesterday, The Classic Crime has officially begun recording their sixth full length studio album. They posted a simple update to Instagram, showing their studio set up.

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Day 1

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In a longer note on Facebook before entering the studio, lead singer Matt MacDonald shared some reflections. “I’m thinking about how it feels each time I return from the studio with an album. Enter with ideas, exit with finished music. The magic of the studio: ex nihilo nihil fit. LP6 was nothing before it started living in my brain 9 months ago, causing the sleepless nights albums always do. It feels appropriate to say something at this juncture, as this ‘nothing’ is about to become ‘something’ over the next 4 weeks. To those who’ve been there for however long you have, thank you for sticking with us. What a gift it is to make music for this long.”

The Classic Crime has been making and releasing music independently, usually with the aid of Kickstarter, since 2012’s Phoenix. They have not announced yet if there will be a similar campaign for what they’re simply calling LP6 for the time being.

To keep up with The Classic Crime through their recording process, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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