Driving Out Darkness: Turn the Light On By Imminence

There is a band from Sweden that has been melting faces and making a name for themselves since 2012. Imminence is a post-hardcore heavy act fronted by Eddie Berg (who also adds a sick rock violin to the mix) and founded by guitarist Harald Barrett. Their music is in the same vein as RED and other metalcore bands featuring orchestral arrangements, with rich themes ranging from spiritual to emotional.

Turn the Light On begins by posing a question, setting the table for the album: how do we chase away dark thoughts and find positive light? “Erase” opens softly before building on Peter Hanström’s drumroll into the chorus, where Berg and Barrett demonstrate their vocal ranges and ability to quickly transition from clean to unclean vocals.

“Paralyzed” cranks the intensity to the next level on the verses with a memorable tune in the chorus. The bridge features Eddie Berg on violin in the background, balancing the rhythmic guitars, lending itself beautifully to this brand of rock and roll.

“Saturated Soul” is a surefire fan favorite on the album, evidenced by the fact the band released an acoustic version of the song.

An element of electonic programming is used to open “Infectious.” There is a bit of an Imagine Dragons feel as this opens, but it quickly moves into a full-on metal song as the song progresses. This song is about letting go of an infectious kind of love that brought about anxiety. Letting go releases the grip of fear.

The theme of broken and misguided love continues on “The Sickness,” which is a passionate high-energy rocker. This passion shows up in the lyrics on the chorus.

“What happened to the true
The love and the spark?
If you give me your soul
I will trade you my heart.”

Imminence captures a pure and raw sound on the ballad “Death of You,” a soft and melodic tune that is in stark contrast to the subsequent “Scars.” This rocker shouts back “Take everything / That hurts the most / Turn it around / And burn it to the ground.”

The theme woven throughout Turn the Light On is that of pushing out anything that has allowed darkness to creep in– the past, relationships, loneliness– and replacing it with positive thoughts that bring light. The album brings that journey home with a banger, “Lighthouse.” The heavy anthem declares victory as the source of the light is described as a saving lighthouse guiding them out of the darkness.

Imminence is rooted in metalcore with hints of Coldplay on ballads like closer “Love & Grace” and symphonic rock woven throughout similar to RED and Mirratal. Turn the Light On is an album with something for every rock fan, from impressive rangy vocals to hard and heavy metal and screamed vocals. The album presents deeply complex topics as Imminence deals with overcoming darkness and turning on a light inside.

Find Turn the Light On on Apple Music and Spotify.

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