Something Deep Inside: “Darkness Before the Dawn” by Caleb Hyles

Caleb Hyles Darkness Before the Dawn

"Darkness Before the Dawn" is a beautifully moving piece of music that defiantly resists the urge to give up and courageously pushes forward.

Indie Artist Recommendation: Divine Martyr

When a group succeeds in their endeavors to be unique while creating a high quality and engaging product, it is most definitely worth shining a light on. Divine Martyr is an Indianapolis-based heavy metal band formed in 2016 featuring tandem vocalists Natalie Lefevra and Luke Mellinger, Jason Hyde on guitar, Woody Hughes on bass and Mark McKowen on drums.

Indie Artist Recommendation: Mirratal

Rarely does a metal band blend so perfectly the use of strings, horns and nontraditional percussion with the familiar guitar riffs and frenetic tempo of heavy metal. That is precisely what Mirratal has been doing since forming in 2013. The band is based out of Kiev, Ukraine and is getting ready to release their first [...]