Symphonic Masterpiece: ‘Castaway’ by Mirratal

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Mirratal, a symphonic metal band from The Ukraine. Their lead single, “Abyss of Lunacy,” left us all wanting to hear more from the rockers.

The wait is over as Mirratal released their debut full length album on January 30th. Castaway is a polished musical adventure that will sweep you away on a mystical journey, searching for hope and purpose.

After kicking things off in a big way with “Abyss of Lunacy,” the sound gets even bigger and fuller with “Poison.” As a brass musician, I have profound appreciation for a well-balanced mix that is thick and heavy in the bass and percussion and blends to the upper ranges. Castaway does not lack in echoing percussion reminiscent of something heard attending The Philharmonic Symphony in New York.

“Timeless Sea” is a song of reflection, opening with Andril Pavlenko on the keyboard with what sounds much like an oboe playing a mysterious but lovely tune. After a spoken word completes the introduction softly, this rocker explodes into a full-on shred fest in the chorus, featuring lead singer Igor Roshenets demonstrating his rangy vocal chops. The title track features a majestic instrumental that would fill a concert hall, while continuing to fire on all cylinders with driving guitars and synthetic keys.

Not only is the music magnificent, but the message is equally powerful throughout this collection of 10 tracks filled with themes of hope and freedom. “Find Your Name” plays like a metalcore track featuring Katrina Kapshuk opening the song with powerful vocals before being joined for a duet on the bridge and chorus by Roshenets. This song is about overcoming depression and believing in hope.

“After years of darkness, rising sun will shine upon your back”

As the album continues, it seems to get heavier and more dissonant. “Distinguished Phrases” is a frenetic headbanger featuring drummer Sergiy Ivanov skillfully tending to his craft, pushing the pace with plenty of snare drum. “Mystery” invokes sensations of sitting in a rock opera on Broadway, as it tells a story of searching high and low for answers.

“With emptiness inside your soul
You’ll go around the world
To find a mystery”

“Run” immediately brought back memories of watching the entrance of former WWE wrestler The Undertaker. Cue the pyrotechnics as the band sings about the competing concepts of doomsday and hope. The onset of minor chords seem to fit the feeling of unsettledness looming over this song.

“Sounds” is a triumphant song ultimately leading into an impressive instrumental bonus track, “The Wind,” which I would challenge any marching band to take on next fall.

With their full length debut, Mirratal does not disappoint fans of powerful and skillful musicianship while telling stories of hope, love and seeking. Castaway is a masterful collection of songs that will deliver for expectant listeners.

Find Castaway on Spotify and iTunes.

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