Skillet Debuts Two New Songs on Breaking Benjamin Tour

Last night Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Underoath and Fight the Fury kicked off one of the biggest rock tours of the year in Michigan, and Skillet took the opportunity to debut two brand new songs live.

Early reports list the two songs as being titled “Dead Man Walking” and “Rise Up.” Skillet performed the two songs with the aid of Lacey Sturm (vocals) and Jarob Bramlett (drums) as Jen Ledger is still wrapping up Winter Jam tour with her solo band. You can watch fan videos of the two songs below.

The two songs are part of Skillet’s upcoming full length album, due out later this year. The tracks ramp up the momentum on a year in the “Skilletverse” that promises to hold a full length solo album from Ledger, the band’s first graphic novel and the previously mentioned 10th studio album.

For tour dates and more information on Skillet’s upcoming schedule, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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