Hope in the Dark: “Animal (Feat. Jake Jones)” by Out of Black

Out of Black Animal

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Out of Black formed in 2016, quickly releasing their first EP a year later. They started out strong, with their single “Voices” making it to the top 20 of Billboard’s Christian Rock Chart in March of 2017. Their newest single shows that they’re only getting better.

Beginning with a driving riff and intermittent bass drum combo before rapidly picking up into a raging hard rock track, Out of Black’s single “Animal” is reminiscent of Three Days Grace with a modern twist.

Drummer Cody McAskill picks up the intensity as guitarist and singer Matt Black starts in on vocals, angrily singing about the internal struggle of fighting against the evil of human nature. When the chorus comes around, Jake Jones (As We Ascend) adds his voice to lyrics such as: “I see you everyday / My reflection isn’t even me / We’re not the same / You’re an animal.”

The chorus breaks and leads into a quick yet intricate guitar solo, where the influence of the project’s producer, Andrew Stanton (Disciple, I Am Empire) rings through. The track maintains its power, finishing on a scream and one last blaring chord.

Out of Black is definitely a band to keep an eye on if you like heavy, hard hitting music with a strong message of hope in a dark world.

You can find “Animal” on Apple Music and Spotify

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