Indie Artist Recommendation: Mirratal

Rarely does a metal band blend so perfectly the use of strings, horns and nontraditional percussion with the familiar guitar riffs and frenetic tempo of heavy metal.

That is precisely what Mirratal has been doing since forming in 2013. The band is based out of Kiev, Ukraine and is getting ready to release their first full-length album, Castawaythis month.

The lead single from that album is called “Abyss of Lunacy,” a track the band says is “devoted to the problem of information wars and propaganda aimed at the future generation, who can’t protect themselves from the influence of questionable advice and understand what to believe in.”

The rocker opens up as a staccato and rhythmic orchestral piece, reminiscent of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Just over a minute into the song, vocalist Igor Roshenets enters with a singing voice distinctly similar to Stryper vocalist Michael Sweet, perfectly in tune and time.

The vocal harmonies on the chorus add depth to the already well rounded number, and the song is made whole by a beautiful guitar solo from Sergii Stygar followed with a fun synthetic keyboard lick by Andrii Pavlenko.

A steady beat is provided throughout from talented drummer Sergii Ivanov.

Lyrically “Abyss of Lunacy” is warning the next generation of listening to propaganda and lies: “Fake press, TV and censored dreams / This reality is acceptable, but not for me / There’s nothing to hide, built prison for minds /Your children will guard the keys.

The bridge provides hope for our future: “Show me… / The one, that could / Fix this system of sin.

Find more by Mirratal on Spotify.

Mirratal is:

Igor Roshenets: Vocal, bass
Sergii Stygar: Guitar
Andrii Pavlenko: Keyboard
Sergii Ivanov: Drums



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