The Rocket Summer Prepares New Album

The Rocket Summer, the project of prolific creative and one man band Bryce Avary, has fallen quiet in the three years since Zoetic released. But Bryce broke his silence this week to share that new music is coming soon.

“I thought I had finished recording most of the album so I went on tour last summer and proclaimed from the stage night after night that my new album was almost done,” Bryce Avary admitted in the open letter. “And then more songs were born… a lot more. Songs that I simply had to chase.”

This resulted in the musician re-entering the studio, creating, and ultimately taking a step back to assess what he had. “And on Jan 2, I started sifting through the mountain of songs and am now finally M I X I N G this new album. I have to say the way it’s sounding is making me smile real big. I’m very proud of it and can’t wait for it to be ours and not just this thing only I know about.”

Excited fans instantly responded with enthusiasm. The project will be The Rocket Summer’s seventh since their break-out debut Calendar Days in 2003. To keep up with the mixing process and find out when the official release date is set for, find The Rocket Summer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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