Indie Artist Recommendation: Divine Martyr

The independent musical terrain is increasingly saturated with bands trying to set themselves apart. So when a group succeeds in their endeavors to be unique while creating a high quality and engaging product, it is most definitely worth shining a light on.

Divine Martyr is an Indianapolis-based heavy metal band formed in 2016 featuring tandem vocalists Natalie Lefevra and Luke Mellinger, Jason Hyde on guitar, Woody Hughes on bass and Mark McKowen on drums.

The group has released three singles in 2019, the latest being “How Do You Know?” In June, “Shatter The Doubt” was dropped, and is a high energy rocker with a robust and full sound that is refined and heavier than their debut single, “Martyr’s Hymn.”

“Shatter The Doubt” opens with an instrumental introduction, layering orchestration provided by Mark McKowen on top of the traditional elements of metal. Luke Mellinger enters on the verse, showing off his vocal range and control. One of the most intriguing aspects of Divine Martyr is the tandem vocals as Natalie Lefevra provides a beautiful balance on the chorus and subsequent verses.

The song is lyrically on point, adding to the musical excellence with a theme of breaking through a season of faithlessness by holding on to what is truth, hope and love.

This song is more than edgy and catchy enough to whet the appetite that will leave you wanting to hear more from this up and coming metal act.

Find “Shatter The Doubt” on Spotify.

Learn more about Divine Martyr by visiting them at

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