White Collar Sideshow Signs Record Deal, Announces New Album

Veteran experimental metal duo White Collar Sideshow has announced that they’ve signed with Curtain Call Records for their upcoming album I Didn’t Come Here to Die, which is due out on October 4.

“After 13 years of being an independent/DIY band, we are so thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with Curtain Call Records!” White Collar Sideshow shared on Facebook. “They are big fans of our new music and we are excited to join forces as we promote it together!”

Another single from the album is coming soon, which will be promoted by Curtain Call Records. In the meantime, fans have had the title track from I Didn’t Come Here to Die for the past month. You can listen to it below.

White Collar Sideshow is a heavily concept-driven act focused on themes of addiction and recovery. They’ve carved out a name for themselves with edgy, intensely visual performances, touring the country for years at a time in an RV that also serves as their primary home. Their dedication to their mission has earned them a dedicated underground following. This new season of their career will be accompanied by tour dates that will bring them back out to connect with those fans.

To keep up with White Collar Sideshow, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their website whitecollarsideshow.com.

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