Ascent: “Prelude” by Theody

In their latest EP, Prelude, Theody crafts a story of the beginning of an ascent after a fall into the depths of darkness. Set to a musical landscape similar to Children 18:3 blended with Fireflight, Prelude is a solid addition to the band’s previous two albums.

“Reticence” starts off the EP with soaring strings and guitars before diving into a pulsing rhythm to accent the vocals. The lyrics draw a picture of a broken person begging for answers from a silent God:

Didn't You say forever?
Yet here I am alone
Why are You silent now?”

The mood shifts into a plea for redemption in “Travesty.” Harsher guitars and more prominent drums set the background for verses rooted in guilt and shame. “Reignite” backs off on the heavy guitars in favor of synth-driven verses. This song is the turning point for the album. The pain and abandonment of the first two songs fade into the honest hope of these lyrics:

Here we stand, our hearts aligned
These dying embers reignite
It won't be easy, but you can bet that it's worth the fight.”

“Tomorrow” screams of hope in all its glory. It brings a refreshing taste of joy after the pain and confusion of the first half of the EP. Echoing clean guitars in the verse force the vocals to the forefront, allowing the listener to focus on the words:

Joy contradicting all reason
Love in relentless pursuit
Peace in the midst of chaos
This truth I'm clinging to”.

The project comes to a conclusion with “Perspective.” This track reflects the calm and the storm of the rest of the album; the music returns to the heavy tone of “Reticence” and “Travesty,” while the lyrics summarize the story of Prelude with a look back at the rest of the EP.

Theody has crafted a beautiful rendition of the rise after a fall with this EP. Featuring direct lyrics and music that expertly fits the mood of each song, Prelude is an honest album that anyone can relate to.

You can find Prelude on Spotify.

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