Glasslands Releases New Single ‘Mr Creeps’

After laying low for much of 2019, Glasslands has come back strong with a new single titled “Mr Creeps.” You can listen to the track below.

The song is one of the most melodic yet from the metalcore band helmed by Josh Kincheloe, though it still retains the hard-edged guitar (courtesy of Jordan DiSorbo) that makes Glasslands so dynamic live. The song has an eerie, psychotic edge that serves the theme of internal disarray. “Mr Creeps” feels like a fitting addition to the October heavy music release schedule.

Glasslands has now released two singles since their debut full length Pariah dropped in 2016, as “Mr Creeps” follows last year’s “Misery Game.” Glasslands has also assured followers that more music is on the way very soon, though they haven’t clarified if that will consist of a new album or more singles.

To follow Glasslands, find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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