mewithoutYou Announces Disbandment

mewithoutYou, a legend of the alternative music scene, has announced that they’ll be laying the band to rest in 2020. “We have decided on next year as our last as an active band,” they shared in a simple post. “We nevertheless have many plans in the interim, the details of which are forthcoming.”

As fans reacted, the band shared a little bit more detail on their decision, and on what lies ahead for them in the final chapter of mewithoutYou: “We have sensed for almost two years that 2020 would be an ideal time for this transition, and as the new year approaches we felt it was time to let you know. The reasons are numerous, but suffice to say the decision was collectively born out of honesty, respect, and love for one another.

“We do have plans in the meantime. Early next year we will be supporting Thrice on their 15-Year Vheissu Anniversary Tour in January and February. After that we expect to bring Brother, Sister out on the road in late Spring, and to tour overseas. Then in the Fall we will head out one last time for our formal ‘farewell tour.’ We’ve got some special re-issues planned as well.”

mewithoutYou’s most recent album, [Untitled], released in 2018. The band has been active since 2000, and has largely been considered one of the most iconic pioneering bands from Tooth & Nail Records. They have been known for their unconventional lyrics and musical exploration, as well as for their uniquely inclusive approach to spirituality.

Although the outcry of regret from fans was immediate, the band said it best in their own statement: “mewithoutYou is an abstraction, unsubstantial, and so there is nothing real to break up, or alive to die. And something of the inverse is also true: that so much of whatever we are will not end with our ‘farewell…’ We’d like to lovingly acknowledge those who have supported us over the past two decades. Your kinship with our project and participation in its activity has helped us build our lives in a unique and exciting way. Our connection with you is deeper, we now suspect, than any of us have realized. Words feel here, as so often, insufficient.”

Stay up to date with all of mewithoutYou’s plans for their final year by finding them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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