Switchfoot Collaborates with Lindsey Stirling On ‘Voices’

Switchfoot will be releasing a new version of their song “Voices” on Friday November 8, a version featuring violinist Lindsey Stirling. The song will debut with a music video, set to premiere at 9:00 a.m. PST on Lindsey Stirling’s YouTube channel.

The song “Voices” is one of the singles from Switchfoot’s album Native Tongue, released early this year. “We’re SO STOKED to announce we’ve joined forces with our friend Lindsey Stirling to bring ya’ll a new version of VOICES, music video and all THIS FRIDAY! We’ve been keeping this one quiet for a minute and can’t wait to share it with you,” Switchfoot shared.

Lindsey echoed the sentiments, posting “Keeping new songs a secret is always such a challenge so I’m extra pumped to be able to share that I have a new song AND video with Switchfoot!”

Lindsey Stirling is a viral violinist who first made waves on YouTube with covers. She recently released her sixth studio album, Artemis.

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