Phantom Anthem by August Burns Red Turns 2

Phantom Anthem is the 8th and most recent full-length studio album from melodic metalcore band August Burns Red, and this October it turned two years old! We thought we’d revisit the three singles and music videos released from this album:

“Invisible Enemy”

The band received a Grammy nomination for “Invisible Enemy” under the “Best Metal Performance” category. In an interview with the Recording Academy, guitarist JB Brubaker says that the song was heavily influenced by two different bands: Animals as Leaders and Galactic Empire. The music video features puppet versions of the whole band.

“The Frost”

“The Frost” has a music video that coincides with the title of the song, beginning and ending with the band performing in a snowstorm that has them covered in frost. The lyric content of this song provides a hopeful message about finding what is needed to survive and gaining new perspective.


Around the time that the “Dangerous” music video released in late 2018, the band also announced their early 2019 US & Canada tour, “The Dangerous Tour.” This was their second headlining US tour since the release of the album.

More random and humorous than their previous two music videos, the band does not appear in any scenes of “Dangerous–” but Bigfoot does! The video shows a boy finding and becoming friends with Bigfoot.

Keep up with August Burns Red on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or by visiting their official site.

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