Cypress & Co Release New Single ‘Underworld’

Cypress & Co have released a new single titled, “Underworld.” “Underworld” has a melodic, ethereal sound with a catchy beat that has you humming along almost instantaneously. The single has a groove, jazz, synthesized beat with rock elements blended in for a truly unique and interesting sound. When the bridge kicks in with the lyrics “don’t leave me here, I’m trapped in the underworld,” it will be a line that will replay in your head. In this single, you can definitely hear their musical influences, such as twenty one pilots and Billie Eilish.

Cypress & Co’s purpose is to create music “that empowers you to grow strong in the face of adversity.” Their name derives from that purpose statement because the cypress tree is a tree that will grow and thrive even in extreme conditions, from the swamp to extreme heat. Vocalist Rochelle DeMint said that the cypress tree is a symbol of strength, and that their music is meant to show strength in the struggle. They are a band that addresses mental health, depression, and anxiety as key issues through their music to help others “see that they too can thrive despite the worst circumstance.”

Check out their socials below for info on their music and upcoming shows:


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