Remedy Drive Launches Kickstarter for 2020 Album

Remedy Drive has launched a kickstarter for a 2020 album release, a project that will be their third effort centered on counter-trafficking in partnership with The Exodus Road.

“We’ve been fighting against slavery for 7 years now – using melodies to shine a light on injustice and to rally a hopeful community under the banner of freedom. While elevating the work of the counter trafficking organization The Exodus Road. Our fanbase and community has contributed several hundred dollars of support to help The Exodus Road rescue survivors of trafficking,” lead singer David Zach shared in an email update to fans. “I’m excited about this new album that we’re working on. We need your help to finish it We started backstage at festivals in our van which we converted into a studio, my brother Philip’s recording studio and we will come to your living room. Philip and I will record during the day and do a concert at night for you and whoever you’d like to invite – your space will be part of this album – third album in a trilogy of counter trafficking albums.”

Remedy Drive has transitioned most of their merch store into a space offering products created by survivors of human trafficking, and their kickstarter campaign will offer the same. Rewards include options created by survivors in facilities that work towards their rehabilitation. Backers also have the opportunity to offer their own living rooms as recording studios for the album.

As always, both the music itself and proceeds from its sales will support actual on-the-ground rescue missions as well. “I’ve been doing undercover work with The Exodus Road for 6 years now. I’ve been on 12 or 13 deployments. We go into red-light districts – we use spy gear to find evidence of sex trafficking and then we partner with local authorities to make raids against these punks that are selling our daughters and our sons – raids that result in freedom for the survivors and then dismantling these criminal networks to send a message to traffickers that someone is watching,” David explained. “The Exodus Road has rescued 1400+ survivors and helped to arrest 600+ traffickers.”

If you want to back the project, visit Remedy Drive’s kickstarter page. Find out more about their work at You can also connect with Remedy Drive on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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