Relent Covers Iconic “Jesus Freak”

dc Talk has had a profound impact on many of us here at Rock On Purpose, and also on the Christian rock community as a whole. In particular, their iconic Jesus Freak album was released 24 years ago this month.

Texas-based hard rock band Relent recreated the famous title track “Jesus Freak” in honor of the anniversary of the influential album, according to a post on social media. Though it is a tall task to cover such a hugely popular song, Relent did a nice job of putting an edgy spin on an already in-your-face rocker.

Relent is a hard rock/Nu Metal band with elements of rap and hip hop. Relent is not just a band, but a movement with a passion that can only be explained through the intensity of their live performances. They recently released a 7-song independent album called Heart Attack, and they will join Disciple and Seventh Day Slumber on the 2020 City Rockfest Tour.

Learn more about Relent by visiting them at or finding them on social media at Facebook and Instagram.

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