A Different Side: ‘GFM’s Acoustic’ EP by Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

GFM released an Acoustic EP titled GFM’s Acoustic on December 1, 2019. The track list has four reimagined songs: “On the Inside,” “Graveyard of Identities,” “Twisted Humanity,” and “Give Me a Sign.”

The songs are definitely a departure from the original releases of these songs on their freshman and sophomore albums. The acoustic EP starts with “On the Inside,” which has a clear tone and catchy melody. The second track, “Graveyard of Identities,” has a similar sound acoustically to “On the Inside,” but has definitely a different into than its rock counterpart. The acoustic version has a raw sound and less punch than the original version.

The third song “Twisted Humanity” continues with a similar sound to the other acoustic tracks on this EP, but this is probably the most melodic of the four tracks– vastly different the the hard-hitting original release. The final track, “Give me a Sign,” is the most musically different from the other three on this EP. It has some interesting tone with added piano melding with the acoustic guitars and the trio’s vocals.

If you want a different sound and feel to these songs, then this acoustic EP is for you. It still contains the lyrical content of the previously released material while showcasing a new side of the three sisters’ abilities vocally and musically. If you are looking for the same sound as the original release, then acoustic EPs are probably not for you. This is a unique and interesting take on some hard-hitting tracks, and it is worth a listen for fans of GFM.

You can find this release on Apple Music, Spotify, and the GFM Online Store (physical copies).

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