Mawcore Releases New Single ‘Breath’

Independent rock band Mawcore has released a new single titled “Breath,” going for ads at radio as of January 7.

The song features chugging, heavy guitars behind clean vocal tones. “Breath” builds a dark musical atmosphere to buoy up the lyrical theme of valuing every breath we’re given. “We hope that you will find joy, hope and encouragement within this song. We hope that the hours and hours, blood, sweat and tears will show through as you listen,” Mawcore shared on Facebook.

The band worked with Justin Forshaw (As We Ascend) to produce “Breath.” You can listen to the song below.

Mawcore is an alternative rock band based in Pennsylvania. They take their name from a Hebrew word meaning “Wellspring,” a meaning that is reflective of their desire to offer hope to those in dry places. You can learn more about Mawcore by finding them on Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram.

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