Rising Up: “The Front Lines” by Buried Above

Washington-based project Buried Above has already been making big strides in the world of faith-based rock. “Blood,” their first single, made it into the top 100 of the Christian Rock charts; their newest release is already rising up the charts on TheBlast.fm.

“The Front Lines” immediately calls for attention with a mesmerizing riff perfectly accented by a few quick drum beats. The guitars intensify for half a minute before breaking and allowing the vocals to take control of the song. Multiple layers of guitars dance in between and underneath vocals throughout the piece; a solo soars before the last chorus, then more powerful guitar work completes the track.

Lyrically, “The Front Lines” is an encouragement to stand strong in the war of faith:

Rising up on the front lines
With my Father and brothers
We're taking our stand
When the fire falls, our worlds collide
Will you stand up beside us?
The choice is in your hands”

The influence of co-writer, Josiah Prince, and producer, Andrew Stanton, can clearly be heard. However, Colton Reed, the mastermind behind this project, has added his own sound to the mix. As a result, “The Front Lines” is reminiscent of Disciple’s Attack, with a fresh voice that completes the sound of Buried Above.

You can find “The Front Lines” on Spotify.

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