The Veer Union Covers Flyleaf on ‘Covers Collections, Vol. 1’

[Content note: Some songs on the album discussed in this article contain explicit language.]

Bands will often perform cover songs during live performances, or even occasionally release singles covering an artist or song that impacted their career. But it’s an ambitious feat for a band to release a full album of cover songs.

That is precisely what Canadian rockers The Veer Union have done with Covers Collection Vol. 1. Along with covering mainstream acts like Halsey, Tool, and Soundgarden, The Veer Union included an amped up version of “I’m So Sick” by Flyleaf.

Frontman Crispin Earl has plenty of vocal range, while Dan Sittler provides the more than adequate unclean vocals where Lacey screams occur. This version is a bit more aggressive than the original and fits what The Veer Union does perfectly, while remaining true to what Flyleaf and Lacey Sturm intended.

While “I’m So Sick” is sure to be a favorite of our readers, their version of “Eulogy” by Tool is probably even more impressive. It’s an 8-minute track, and Tool is such a recognizable act in mainstream rock that covering them is a tall order. Again with this tune, they added more layers right out of the gate with thicker and heavier guitars in the instrumental introduction before exploding powerfully into the vocal portion of the track.

According to their website, The Veer Union is a Vancouver based hard rock band that formed in 2004 and has collectively sold over 100,000 Albums and also reached over 20 Million Streams Worldwide. With seven Top 40 singles on the Billboard Rock Radio Charts the band has proven they can stand the test of time. The band has released hits like “Youth Of Yesterday” and “Defying Gravity” while covering influential tunes like “Numb” by Linkin Park.

In 2018 the band toured in support of RED as part of “The Unstoppable” tour and put on a memorable live performance.

Find Covers Collection, Vol 1. on Spotify or Apple Music. Learn more about The Veer Union by following them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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