Switchfoot Reinvented: Native Tongue Reimagine/Remix EP

Switchfoot does not disappoint with their Native Tongue: Reimagine/Remix EP. While this remix album only has 5 songs selected from the 14 released in the original release, each track they include is a definite heavy hitter. The remix album has three guest editions on the songs. The other two remixes are labeled as “West Coast Editions.”

The start of the album has the first two West Coast Edition tracks, “Wonderful Feeling” and “All I Need.” The remix edition of “Wonderful Feeling” is definitely more upbeat than the original release once the chorus kicks in. Plus, there is definitely that remix feel with an EDM/bass-heavy sound that gives the song a completely different vibe. The West Coast Edition of “All I Need” is similar to its original release in its mellow but poignant lyrics and sound. This track is an epitome of a beach sound, harkening to the days of summer.

The third track on this album might be my favorite release on the remix. It was in my top tracks on the original release of the album, but “Voices” with the addition of violinist Lindsey Stirling makes the song even greater. The music video released of this track in November is one of the most powerful and poignant music videos I have seen of late. Lindsey Stirling’s violin mixed with Jon Foreman’s vocals with the rest of the band’s instrumentation makes this a perfect storm of musical genius.

The fourth track is a remix of “Let it Happen” featuring Will Chapman of Colony House. This track starts out similarly to the original release, but about thirty seconds in, the remix element enters and transforms this song into an EDM lyrical masterpiece. It brings a whole new perspective to the song, an ebb and flow of energy.

The final track on the remix EP is “Native Tongue.” This is another favorite of mine personally off the initial album release. Mason Self is the guest artist on this track. This track was already an upbeat driving force of a song, but the addition of Mason Self’s percussion and synthesizers take the track up a notch.

If you are a fan of Switchfoot, you probably don’t need much convincing to check this remix album out. It keeps the classic Switchfoot feel with the powerful lyrics, but also doesn’t stay with the comfortable. It is a fresh take on already amazing tracks that doesn’t disappoint.

Get Native Tongue: Reimagine/Remix EP on Apple Music and Spotify.

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