Hauntingly Beautiful: “Artificial Intelligence” by Ephemeral Machine

Ephemeral Machine guides listeners through the mind of an entity straight out of a science fiction movie with their recent single, “Artificial Intelligence.”

An electronically cinematic sound accented by distorted guitars sets the stage for a mesmerizing musical journey. As the song builds, synthesized vocals begin to narrate the internal thoughts of an artificially intelligent machine:

I am machine, I am made of circuitry
A superhuman, ruled by technology”

Guitars and synthesized sounds blend together as the track intensifies. A surprisingly emotional story unfolds throughout the 6 minute song:

They want to bring me down
They want to break my mind now
I won't let them fake reality
I won't stop screaming my agony”

Thoughtfully designed lyrics paired with expertly crafted audio completes the experience of “Artificial Intelligence.” Ephemeral Machine has created an unparalleled work of art with this track; this project is definitely one that fans of electronic and cinematic music should keep an eye on.

Find “Artificial Intelligence” on Spotify.

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