Cypress and Co Bring an Eclectic Sound to ‘Shadows’

Cypress & Co bring an eclectic sound to their latest release, Shadows. Shadows is set to release on January 31, 2020. This release over all has some amazing lyrical content and a definite diverse sound.

Shadows begins with the track “Theme,” which is more of an intro track with an electronic beat. The second track, “Real,” is very catchy and has a groove that fits along with the EDM sound, but also has some great lyrical content with lyrics such as “I don’t always feel. I just want to know you’re real…”

The following tack, “Good Day,” departs slightly from the EDM/Electronic sound and takes on what I would classify as more of an indie/pop sound. The lyrical content is also deep, with the lyrics “I find it hard to breathe when demons make their home in me… I’m kicking you out.” These lyrics are hard-hitting, and juxtaposed to the melody, it is definitely an interesting track musically.

The ethereal vocals continue into the track “Underworld.” This track has a bit of an R&B feel with soaring vocals. “In the Dark” is a moving track, especially if you connect with the song as someone who is going through troubles.

Cypress & Co blend fascinating musical choices with strong lyrical content. If you enjoy the EDM/Electronic sound, then this might be a release to check out. They have carved out a sound that is unique and doesn’t sound like any other artists out there.

Keep up with their releases and other information by finding them on Facebook and Instagram.

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