White Collar Sideshow’s Veronica Benton In The Running for Inked Magazine Cover

Veronica Benton, one half of husband and wife alt metal duo White Collar Sideshow, is currently a frontrunner to be Inked Magazine‘s next cover girl. Fans are able to vote for her daily– click here.

According to her profile, Veronica has “50+ hrs of ink w/more on the way!” The stunning artwork on her skin paired with her arresting stage presence make her a stand out candidate for an Inked cover. Better yet, the contest all supports a cause: you can get more votes for Veronica by making a donation to MusiCares.

“We don’t generally do the ‘voting thing,’ but if we win, it could fund our next album!” White Collar Sideshow shared on Facebook.

White Collar Sideshow’s dedicated fans have been keeping Veronica a consistent frontrunner in the competition. Voting will end on February 20 at 11:00 PM EST.

White Collar Sideshow is self-described “Arkansas shock rock and roll,” touring with their raw and honest brand of music since 2008. Most recently, they released I Didn’t Come Here to Die in 2019.

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