LEDGER Delivers Beautifully Performed “My Arms”

Following up an earlier story we shared, LEDGER released her latest single “My Arms” on February 14, along with a lyric video and a note to fans via Atlantic Records. In the press release, Jen Ledger shared her thoughts about the new single.

“I’m so excited to share my new single and lyric video for ‘My Arms’ with you,” she shared. “‘My Arms’ is basically about those seasons when you feel really confused, hurt, and lost. Maybe the burdens you’re carrying are too heavy for you, but the wonderful thing is that we don’t have to go through these hardships alone.”

“My Arms” begins softly with a lovely piano arrangement backing Jen Ledger’s comforting voice. As the song progresses, it is a reminder that “you don’t have to go through it alone” as instrumentation crescendos until the song finally reaches a peaceful, final note.With her latest single, Jen Ledger continues to remind fans that her skills as a vocalist have only barely begun to be uncovered in the past, and we have much to look forward to with her– musically and lyrically.

You can stream “My Arms” on Spotify or Apple Music.

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