Inside of Collapse: ‘Trilogy’ by Silent Planet

Silent Planet has dropped a new song and music video titled “Trilogy” as they head out on a tour of the same name.

The song itself is a deep dive into lead singer Garrett Russell’s anxiety-induced mental breakdown and hospitalization in December, an event that he shared about candidly through Silent Planet’s social media platforms. In a vulnerable post on Instagram, Garret shared “I’m not sure if any song has ever meant this much to me – or if anything ever could again. I wrote these lyrics while I was in a mental hospital – all in one go. It’s about my experience of anxiety and the events that preceded my hospitalization – the events that threw me and the band into a place of uncertainty. But we’re still here. I’m beyond thankful that we’re all still making music together.”

The music video attempts to visualize the process of mental collapse.

Musically, the song echoes the intensity of the subject matter, transitioning between frantic guitar riffs and growls from Garrett into a keenly searing melody delivered by Thomas Freckleton’s clean vocals. The result is a jarringly compelling metalcore song, beauty and discord juxtaposed for impact. It create an atmosphere anyone familiar with anxiety and mental illness will instantly recognize and relate to.

"Borrowed light, a parasite
I fed on the dusk and hid myself from the night
And we don't speak, we barely hear
I watched you watch me disappear
As I'm fading to static in the disconnect

“Trilogy” follows closely behind the reimagined release of The Night God Slept (Redux). You can stream the track on Spotify and Apple Music. Find out where you can catch the Trilogy Tour by visiting

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