RED Releases “All For You”

On February 14, RED released yet another heavy-hitting track off of their upcoming record Declaration, which will be available on April 10th. “All For You” is the latest of four singles released in anticipation of the new album. 

“All For You” is a haunting yet powerful song, with Michael Barnes’ iconic, passionate vocals gripping the listener from the first second. The song’s lyrics, along with the stunning instrumental arrangements, are classically RED but still have a fresh and unique sound. The lyrics “Why was I scared of you? / Why did I let you control my life?” speak of a truth everyone can relate to: we often wonder why we let fear control us. Breaking free from the darkness is a theme that has been prevalent in RED’s music since their advent in 2002, and it still rings true 18 years later.  

Red is currently on a 42 date arena tour with Winter Jam. Check out a full list of their tour dates at  You can stream “All For You” on Spotify and Apple Music, and preorder Declaration at

This post contributed by Gina Monahan.

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