MxPx Drops New Single “Salt Lake City”

When pop punk veterans MxPx announce the drop of a new single, there’s no option: you listen. Not just because Mike Herrara, Tom Wisniewski, and Yuri Ruley are widely respected within the genre, but also because they always deliver with a track that’s bound to stay in your head for weeks on end. 

Their recent release “Salt Lake City” with all-female band Bad Cop / Bad Cop is by no means the greatest single of their career, but the unique blend of Herrara’s vocals with the ladies of Bad Cop / Bad Cop make the song sound like a fun, upbeat hybrid of MxPx and a modern day X-Ray Spex. The tune’s first half feels slightly uneasy at times, but when the breakdown hits around 01:18, it picks up momentum, seeming stronger and more capable of melting off faces. Regardless, the song is a solid drop from the Bremington boys and their friends in Bad Cop / Bad Cop. As always, MxPx delivers a consistent, spirited song that will keep both die hard, original fans and fresh faced newcomers wanting more.

You can find “Salt Lake City” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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