“Restore Me:” Adelaide’s Latest Single Hits Christian Rock Radio

Adelaide released “Restore Me” to radio on January 13, and shortly thereafter posted the song’s official lyric video along with the announcement that the song is hitting the Christian Rock Charts.

Often compared to the music of Skillet and Evanescence, Adelaide does not disappoint, with “Restore Me” featuring some grueling violin parts, heavy guitars, and intriguing vocals that are eerily calm and conversational in the verses while kicking into full gear for the rest of the song.

Adelaide shared the following encouragement and message behind their song on Facebook: “‘Restore Me’ hits home with all of us. We’ve all found ourselves in a desperate situation. Often times we seem to forget, there is only One who restores. Not a job, financial security, not a goal met or a goal set, no diet, social status, pill, meltdown, fix, friend or material possession can rescue or restore us. Christ knows all you carry and desires to take your burdens (Matthew 11:28-30). Maybe you think your circumstance seems hopeless and it’s pointless to cry out to God. I challenge you to recall the greatest moment in history: When Christ took the weight of a WORLD in sin upon His shoulders. If you feel God has forgotten you, perhaps you’ve forgotten who God is. He is faithful and full of mercy, Friend. Just a reminder in case you’re in a season of discouragement: He is still good.”

“Restore Me” is a track from Adelaide’s 2019 album Strong and Brave. Click here to see all the sites you can get their music, and keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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