Where Brokenness Meets Grace: ‘Out of the Darkness’ By torndown

2020 has started off with such a frenetic pace, with singles and releases every Friday in the rock space, that you might have missed a gem of a project from the end of last year. New England-based torndown delivered their sophomore project in 2019, and Out Of The Darkness is a must hear album for heavy music fans.

The album kicks off with a trio of tunes that feel a lot like Kutless meets Breaking Benjamin stylistically, with gritty and heavy guitars contrasted by moments of dynamically soft keys while featuring the made-for-alternative-rock vocals of Tim Irish. “Going Under” and “Alive” lead to their hit song “Gargantua,” a song about facing different moments in life with a sense of purpose and confidence.

The band keeps the intensity turned up on “Confession” as they sing about facing our forks in the road, moments of choosing between wrong and right and not always choosing the path we should. This song is as about seeking and finding forgiveness and grace.

As the album reaches the halfway point, “Ocean” starkly contrasts with what came before as the first ballad on the record. The song gives pause to stand in awe of the Creator and His deep love and grace.

You're an Ocean, and I'm sinking in
Breathing You, I can breathe again
Your current carries, when I can't swim
Your waves of grace, there's no where it ends

The title track leverages modern elements, bringing an electronic rock vibe at the outset before it crescendos and resolves to its anthemic chorus, celebrating stepping out of darkness and into the light.

“Oxygen” gives listeners a sense of floating on a cloud during the verse, which works well because the chorus hits hard both musically and lyrically, exploring the concept that we are in need of God to be our lifeline.

I need You to breathe again
Cause I let the smoke in
Save me from my end
With your oxygen

That theme of comparing our human nature against our need for a savior is consistent throughout each track. “Stitches” continues this theme, admitting that we are broken and in need of repair. Though each song explores the pain and brokenness of life, they also each resolve by exploring the nature of God and how we are all made complete spiritually by His grace.

It is fitting that the album concludes with “Home,” a reflective track about finding our way home after searching for a long time. I think this is much like life, each of our chapters finding moments of challenge balanced with needed grace. In the end, we will arrive at our destination.

Out of the Darkness is a beautiful picture of reality, demonstrating both our imperfections as well as acknowledging the power and grace of God to intervene on our behalf. These themes are delivered in the package of a rock album, heavy at times, solemn and reflective at others.

Find Out of the Darkness on Spotify and Apple Music.

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