Azusa Releases “Detach”

Asuza released the single “Detach.” You can listen to this single here as well as two previously released tracks, “Monument” and “Memories of Old Emotion.” Asuza is known for fusing hardcore guitars and vocals, but also blending melodic and ethereal vocals. The result is eclectic and unexpected.

“Detach” has driving guitars and drums to start as well as hardcore vocals. As the track progresses, you hear in the background that more melodic undertone of ethereal vocals. This track addresses how we view the ups and downs life throws at us, with the lyrics, “I’m lost in agony again / Dwindling spiral / Escape the world, relieve the pain / Retracting into isolation.” It is a musical roller coaster of a track that metal fans will enjoy.

“Monument” has different shades and tones to it musically. It has the gritty metal vocals, but they are contrasted against some interesting drum fills and guitar melodies that are different than the other two songs that have been released from the upcoming album. “Monument” lyrically seems to question the religious systems put into place and what people really are worshipping.

“Memories of an Old Emotion” starts with driving drums, guitars, and vocals. The song then switches into the melodic, ethereal vocals that create the mix that Azusa is known for. The lyrics speak of trying to hold on to things, memories, from the past: “In your embrace I faint / So vague, remembering an old emotion / Please call my name again / Today, today I just wanna feel safe / Memories of an old emotion.”

Be on the lookout for the full length album Loop of Yesterday. You can pre-order the album on their website. Stay up to date on all this Azusa by following their social media pages, Facebook and Instagram, as well as finding them on Spotify and Apple Music.

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