John Schlitt Brings Back Classic Christian Rock in New Album ‘Go’

Go is John Schlitt’s first solo album in seven years. He has been a mainstay in the Christian Rock industry for a generation, harkening back to the days of fronting Petra and being a pioneer of this now-versatile genre. Go is another success by John. His vocals ring clear and with the same tenacity and passion a listener has come to expect.

This album will be a treat for anyone who is a fan of classic Christian rock. It ticks all the boxes that one has come to expect from a legend like John Schlitt, while still having something fresh to say with ferocious and unapologetic lyrics. John Schlitt explained this album by saying, “Go does not mean to sit still in our comfort zone and do nothing. We’re either going forward or idling in expectation of God’s direction. And when the time comes to go – then we GO!”

The first track on the album is the title track. This is a high-energy, upbeat song that poses the question of where we are supposed to “Go,” to figure out what path we need to travel down. The album doesn’t slow down from there, speeding into the tracks “Feel It” and “Take it Higher.”

Schlitt slows it down just a bit with “Fight the Fight,” while still having strong lyrical content: “With all I got / I’ll never stop / I’ll never give in / I’ll keep fighting the fight.” Further into the album are two songs that have similar messages but are presented differently stylistically. “Where Would I Be” is a rock tune posing the question of where we would be if God had not saved us. This rock track moves to the other side of the spectrum with a more melodic track, “Find a Way,” on which Schlitt sings that he doesn’t want to waste anymore time in this life, living dedicated to God.

The album closes by not pulling any punches on “Not Dead Yet.” This track challenges listeners not to count Schlitt out, proving that he has more to give. Produced with a mixture of the classic sound and new tonalities, Schlitt sings “You make think that I’m washed up / But I’m still in the game / I don’t have time for this / And I don’t care what you say / I’m not dead yet.”

Listen to Go on Spotify and Apple Music. Make sure to keep an eye on John Schlitt’s website and Facebook for any upcoming tour dates or any other music news.

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