The Grizzly Awards to Stream April 1

The Grizzly Awards has announced that their modified plans for an awards special will have them streaming live on the evening of April 1, at 7:00 CST. The special will feature performances from Disciple, Random Hero, Rusty Shipp, All Above Me, Adelaide, and more.

The awards will stream from The Grizzly Awards Facebook page, hosted by coordinating team Joel Burris, Mary Nikkel, and Cindy Blankenship. Performances from artists will be woven throughout the program, streamed in from the homes and studios where artists are currently social distancing.

All award winners will be announced during the program, with awards to be sent to artists through the mail. The special will also include some additional ways for fans to support artists during this uniquely challenging time.

“Although this was not our original plan, the quick, caring, flexible response of the entire Christian rock community has proved why it’s worth celebrating to begin with,” Grizzly Awards cofounder Mary Nikkel shares. “We’re so excited about what we’ve come up with to continue uplifting this community, understanding that the hope and healing offered through faith-based rock is more important now than ever before.”

You can RSVP to the event on Facebook. The Grizzly Awards are still accepting fan videos to

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