Skillet Releases Music Video for “Save Me”

Skillet premiered a music video for their song “Save Me” on YouTube this morning, celebrated with a Q&A session with fans. You can watch the video below.

“This song is about the darker side of you that you are afraid to show people. ‘If they only knew how messed up I am, would they still love me?'” John Cooper shares about the song. “This song is about getting honest and asking for help, both spiritually and naturally speaking. We loved filming this video and how it turned out as well.  The energy we were able to create visually really matches the intensity of the song.”

The video comes at the end of the week that John and Korey Cooper have spent sharing encouraging acoustic videos from their home. Skillet also took home the Grizzly Award for Modern Rock Song of the Year with “Legendary.” For more from Skillet, be sure you’re following them on Instagram and Facebook.

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