Priceless: “Blood Diamond” by VERIDIA

VERIDIA has been teasing new music for a while, promises that have come to fruition with the release of new single “Blood Diamond.”

From the artwork to the song’s sound, “Blood Diamond” is firmly rooted in singer Deena Jakoub’s Egyptian heritage. “I am not fluent, but I sing in Arabic for the first time on this song to celebrate my Egyptian heritage (which is one way I feel closer to my father since his passing) and to make a statement about a universal topic, the value of love, our Blood Diamonds. Which is also why it felt natural to incorporate more Middle Eastern tones in the music and in the single cover art,” Deena explained. “Ali Omar El-Farouk (based in Egypt) played the Oud beautifully on this song and Rafik El Hariri (graphic artist based in Lebanon) designed all of the art surrounding it!”

That Egyptian influence brings a quality to the sound that sets “Blood Diamond” apart from anything VERIDIA has produced before. Really, this song stands out from any other recent release in the Western music industry. The electronic elements that added nuance and character to The Beast You Feed are all there, but touched with Middle Eastern flare and rooted in a backdrop of distorted guitar riffs.

The song itself refers to our love as something of infinite worth, a priceless blood diamond.

“Fill our flaws with golden lava
All we’ve been through made us stronger
Temperature rises, we take the heat
Cuz we’re rough around the edges
And the pressure makes us precious.”

The concept is beautifully executed through the lyrics, an honest reflection on the reality that to love each other well is tremendously costly– but absolutely worth it. “To me, our love is the Blood Diamond, because it takes digging deep into our hearts to excavate this intangible gift we can offer someone else… and it’s expensive, because it comes with the cost of knowing that we only have a certain amount of time on earth to experience it with one another,” Deena summarized.

You can listen to “Blood Diamond” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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