Spoken Releases New Single “Awaken Me”

Spoken has released a new single called “Awaken Me.” It has some unexpected moments with a bit of a remix feel, including some synthesize elements, but they are melded with Matt Baird’s strong, clear vocals and driving drums and guitars.

The track also has some strong lyrical content as well. To me it feels like the song is a conversation with God, feeling distant but wanting that closeness back, especially with the lyrics: “I watched you disappear in front me / I couldn’t see / All I could do is wonder why.”

The song progresses into a cry in the chorus that rings throughout the song.
Awaken me to you / Cover me with the fire of your love / Take me with you, forever forever with you.” The turn in the song happens in the second verse with realizing we have all been placed here on this earth for a reason: “I’ve been given this life to chase what’s in front of me / Even though I don’t understand the reason why I can’t deny.”

Every part of the song is like journey to the revelation that God is with us, even if we don’t feel it or think we’ve lost that connection. The lyrics ring true: “I thought I lost it all / I couldn’t see your face / Giving up control / Now that I’m awake.

Check out this new track on Spotify and Apple Music.

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