Anchor & Braille Release New Single “Dangerous”

Anchor & Braille has released the first new single from their upcoming album Tension. Tension is set to release on May 22. The single is titled “Dangerous.”

The track holds true to Anchor & Braille’s sound, defined by Stephen Christian’s melodic vocals. “Dangerous” has a driving bass alternative/rock beat and lyrics that speak of relationships and wanting to take the time to grow, with lyrics, “You and me I do believe / Let’s just take our time / Who’s in a rush / We could get dangerous.”

There is also the aspect of allowing that person to have space and personal expression while wanting them to be present in your life: “You’ve got dreams all of your own / And I want you to see the world go on and road / But when you get back let’s get up and go / Anywhere at all / Do anything at all.”

If this is any indication of the full length album, I can’t wait for the full release. It is going to be another great album by Anchor & Braille, a worthy follow-up to 2016’s Songs For the Late Night Drive Home.

Listen to this new track on Spotify or Apple Music.

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